Welcome to the Mid- Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Growers

Our Mission Statement:

The Mid-Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Growers are a group of extreme gardening enthusiasts dedicated to growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins in the Eastern United States while encouraging and rewarding the growth of vibrant orange pumpkins across the globe.

Thanks for visiting our website. The MAGPG is a giant pumpkin growing club focused on big and orange with a weighoff based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Please visit the weighoff page to view the prize structure.

    News and events:
  • The 2011 Howard Dill Award winner at the Doylestown weighoff will win a bonus prize of $500.00 in addition to any other prizes and awards!
  • Season opener meet and greet: May 2011
  • Summer patch tour: August 2011
  • (contact midatlanticgpg@gmail.com for dates and locations)

  • Doylestown Weighoff: Saturday October 15, 2011